THE BASKETBALL PROJECT : Preliminary Sketches.

Here’s a look at my first sketches for The Basketball Project. I went forward with the first design, translated it into a sweater dress, and removed the opening in the front. That dress is due Thursday. The 2D portion of it was due on Thursday and as I begin to digitize the entire project for my Digital Visual Communication class, I am collecting images to share with you!

Then it’s on to the next project!

honey lavender, green tea, peanut butter.

seriously recommending Il Laboratorio del Gelato to anyone interested having their taste buds hypnotized and abducted by aliens.

If you don’t follow me on instagram, I recently purchased a tablet for my digital illustration class. I was apprehensive to purchase one because I’m nostalgic and prefer to erase my mistakes with a square of rubber than a key labelled delete, but to my surprise I’m having a lot of fun.
My digital illustration class is in an hour so I’m just setting it up and getting a feel for the stylus on the tablet, but I think this could potentially be a turning point in my design process.
This weird thing happened when I opened Adobe Illustrator and began to write things on the tablet. I kept signing my name but when I looked at the screen it just said

welcome to the dark side.